The Arb Rider 4000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator of Active Technologies gives users access to the best DAC technology of its class. Up to 2.5 GS/s sampling rate and 14-bit vertical resolution help users generate ultra-wideband communication signals with 1GHz modulation bandwidth (2GHz in I/Q modulation) and <-60 dBc SFDR over each channel.

The analog output channels can be configured as differential, single-ended or AC.

Mixed-signal generation 

The AWG4000 has optional 16/32-bit digital outputs, synchronized with the corresponding analog channels in two 16-bit groups.

Each group can be configured as either 8-bit full speed (bit rate at half of the sampling rate) or 16-bit low speed (bit rate at 1/4 of the sampling rate). The mixed signal generation is an excellent solution for digital design and validation, system synchronization and DAC/ADC testing.

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